Offscreen Expeditions

Media highlights from the Journey to the UK, 2010

Press coverage

British Council newsletter, Pakistan/UK/Global, 2010:

Journey of a lifetime: Six Pakistani youngsters go to the UK

London, UK, 2010:

Big debate at Town Hall

UK/Global, 2010:

Offscreen Expedition: Middle East to UK

Qatar/Middle East, 2010:

Two Qatari students win a journey of discovery  to Britain


Pakistan, 2010:

Two Karachi students chosen as 'UK diplomats'

Kuwait/Middle East, 2010:

2 Kuwaitis win Journey of Lifetime with HSBC Expeditions

Qatar/Middle East, 2010:

Qatari students to take part in UK expedition

Active Citizens Blog, Pakistan/Global, 2010:

An Active Citizen goes on an Offscreen Expedition

Qatar/Gulf, 2010:

Two students from Qatar on a journey of a lifetime with HSBC Offscreen Expeditions

Gulf, 2010:

Students set for UK tour

Pakistan/UK/Global, 2010:

Active Citizen goes on an expedition

Kuwait, 2010:

Kuwaiti students on journey of a lifetime

Qatar/Gulf, 2010:

HSBC sends two Qatari girls to explore UK