Offscreen Expeditions

Connected with God

Shot by Alizeb

The activity to spend 45 mins alone around the Malham Tarn Lake connected me with God.

Date: 07.20.2010

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A day of politics

Another exciting day to remember, Today we went to the House of Parliament in London to have a Q/A session with the newly elected MP Heather Wheeler. She was a warm welcoming lady. As soon the session started she was bombarded with the questions she never ever had experienced before. She had little knowledge about what’s going on around the world. She has been in the politics from the past 31 years but I think she has been working with the local policies and stuff that’s the reason she wasn’t expert in the world affairs. All most all the participants were disappointed with her answers but as far I am concern. Some of her answers strengthened the views of my unbiased mind but most of them were dodgy.

Right in front of the House of Parliament there was a space given to people to speak against anything they want. There were camps of people protesting against various issues although in my opinion they won’t be effective but the good part was that at least the people here have the freedom of expression. They can speak against what ever they think is going wrong in the society. I wanted to interview a local who was on the 19th day of a hunger strike. He was a British born white whose strike was against the US and US pro countries including UK who are killing thousands of innocent peoples in wars around the world. I wanted to interview him but time didn’t permit me to do so. Then we went to the tower hamlets for a debate on social issues with other school, college and universities students. The best part of it was they had invited the deaf people in the debate with the interpreters, interpreting the whole debate for them. Back home we do have similar kind of activities. We do talk about social issues, about deaf, blind and abnormal people. But we never thought of inviting such people in our same discussion to get their views that what they think in terms of social problems.

Another great experience so far.

Date: 07.14.2010

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Making Maps

Today it was a busy day as compare to last few days as the whole team of offscreen expedition went to the Royal Geographical Society in London. We saw some wonderful hand drawn maps made in 14th century and the amazing thing was that they were accurate mostly. They were all created on the basis of calculations acquired through survey and visits to the locations as there was no Google earth or satellite back than.

Apart from that the most exciting part was a 3 hours workshop of creating an art work using the maps. All the 12 people were divided into 4 groups, each group joined by a local British student. At first I was blank to come up with any idea but as we started synchronizing we came up with a pretty good piece of art work. It was a new and challenging experience for me to make an art piece using maps.

I have never been interested in a fine art work. I don’t even give it a try. But from today’s experience I feel like doing something related to fine arts be it a sketch, using maps or different mediums and fuse them together. Hopefully I will give it a try in my films in future as animation or something experimental.

Date: 07.13.2010

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"Statistics" is the name of the film I produced while working on the project called "Film making for Social Change". Attending its workshops was a beneficent experience for me. This film means a lot to me as it was my very first effort and was a successful accomplishment indeed. It portrays the affects that terrorism and extremism leave on the life of every victim. It is based on the story of one of those unfortunate people who lose their lives in bomb blasts.

Date: 07.08.2010

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Lahore, Pakistan

My name is Alizeb Raees. I was born on the 11th of Dec in Lahore. I'm 21 years old. I have 3 brothers and I'm the youngest of all. I'm majoring in Theater, Film and Television from Beaconhouse National University of Lahore. My interests include listening music and watching movies. I love to communicate with people all around the globe.

As for film making in Pakistan, what I've experienced is that unfortunately the film industry of Pakistan is going through crisis and tension but luckily at the same time it is struggling to overcome the tension that is leading to its setback. Overlooking at the present scenario, I believe there is a desperate need for young film makers to come up on the scene and utilize their capabilities to become a well developed industry and maybe this is the biggest reason for my selection of this field.

Film making is my passion and I love to work on current and social issues that include the problems and challenges of our society portraying the true, unheard and ignored realities. What I hope to gain from the expedition firstly is experience of working and co operating with a team in an organized way secondly learn new things and explore new places, thirdly provide opportunities of thinking and planning new initiatives and last but not the least precious memories for me to cherish when I return.