Offscreen Expeditions

Colours in Culture

This image is from a book, Information is Beautiful, and shows the different relationships between colour, culture and emotions.

See more about this image on the Information is Beautiful blog.

Date: 08.12.2010

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How to animate

The team from the National Media Museum showed us this fantastic animation example to show us how we can use animation to talk about issues such as faith.

They also recommended a couple of pieces of animation software to make our own:

Date: 08.09.2010

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Day 11 - Ali talks about the trip so far

Ali reflects on his favourite and least favourite moments on the expedition

Date: 07.22.2010

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Getting Greg and Tony to dance

Whilst Noor may be happy to show off his Bhangra dancing moves, our filmmakers, Greg and Tony weren't quite so keen.

Date: 07.21.2010

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Musical interlude

One of the team, Ali, is an accomplished musician and singer. His joyful singing is a regular part of bus journeys and post-supper get-togethers.

Date: 07.21.2010

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